Growing New Bodies, New Brains

Dr. Villoldo discusses the next evolution in humanity. Dubbed “homo luminous,” this new form of being refers to our consciousness guiding our DNA, our growth, and our healing.

Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. David Perlmutter talks about Dr. Villoldo and his unique ability to bring together shamanism and modern neuroscience.

Dr. Mark Hyman and Alberto Villoldo

Dr. Villoldo talks with Dr. Mark Hyman about the physical and metaphysical fields of energy medicine.

The Secrets to Growing A New Body

Dr. Villoldo explains how to detoxify your body, repair your brain, and improve your overall wellbeing using energy medicine practices and shamanic healing.

Trailer Light Body School

Dr. Alberto Villoldo discusses the Light Body School. These classes aim to integrate science with the ancient wisdom of the shamans.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo On Energy Medicine

Dr. Alberto Villoldo gives us a glimpse into the ancient world of the Shamans and their energy medicine practices.

Shamanic Healing

See Dr. Alberto Villoldo perform shamanic healing! Dr. Villoldo’s Illumination process is considered to be the core of the shamanic healing session.

Amazonia Trailer

Watch the trailer for Amazonia: Healing With Scared Plants. Dr. Villoldo’s documentary film explores the work of master shamans and their healing secrets.

Grow A New Body Trailer

Dr. Alberto Villoldo has spent decades researching the ancient healing practices of shamans. Watch Dr. Villoldo explain the keys to maintaining our health.