Table of Contents

Foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Introduction: The Gifts of One Spirit Medicine

Part I: Discovering Your Inner Healer
Chapter 1: Medicine of the Shamans
Chapter 2: Spirit and the Invisible World
Chapter 3: Dethroning the Tyrant King

Part II: Shedding the Old Ways
Chapter 4: Detoxifying the Gut-Brain
Chapter 5: Switching On the Longevity Genes
Chapter 6: Superfoods and Super Supplements 

Part III: Overcoming the Death That Stalks You
Chapter 7: Resetting the Death Clock
Chapter 8: Freeing Yourself from Stressors

Part IV: From Stillness Comes Rebirth
Chapter 9: Embracing a New Mythology
Chapter 10: The Journey of the Healer: Shedding the Past and Healing Our Mother Wounds
Chapter 11: The Journey to the Divine Feminine: Facing the Fear of Death and Meeting the Goddess
Chapter 12: The Journey of the Sage: Becoming Still in Midair
Chapter 13: The Journey of the Visionary: Receiving One Spirit Medicine
Chapter 14: The Vision Quest

Part V: The Grow a New Body Program
Chapter 15: Preparing for the Program
Chapter 16: Grow a New Body Health Questionnaire
Chapter 17: Recipes for Inner Healing
Chapter 18: Your Longevity Plan: Practicing Prevention

Conclusion: One Spirit Medicine and Beyond
Appendix: Creating Your Longevity Spa
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